About Us

Dypex Grease and Lubricants began as a one-man company, started by CEO Troy Butler, after discovering the effect of OBCS greases (Over-based Calcium Sulfonate) and how it improved the performance of various Oil and Gas Industry equipment. Troy Butler began routing the North Dakota market, shortly after the “boom” of the late 2000’s and found that there was a shortage of high-quality lubricants which could withstand the harsh winters and brutal summer climates of the Bakken Oilfield.

After bringing on some of the largest transportation fleets in North Dakota and adding additional team members in 2013, Dypex has grown to service various industry sectors such as Mining, Agriculture, Concrete and Asphalt and Construction, to name a few. Over time, we’ve also added new product lines such as our Degreasers, Wireline Greases and Fuel Treatments.

Dypex has also grown outside of the boundaries of North Dakota into surrounding markets such as Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Utah and Texas. These areas include other Oil Fields and numerous industries such as Aggregate and Agriculture.

The network of Dypex team members has expanded over time, but the motto has stayed true, “No Bull, Just Performance!”. We’ve expanded in territory, innovation of product line and service offerings to be problem-solvers and to offer solutions at a fair price.

When you’re ready for the best Grease, Fuel Treatments, Aerosols and Degreases on the market, give us a call. We’ll be ready!